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Roofing and Property Maintenance

      Here at Gunner's Roofing we set the bar for customer satisfaction. We're here to make your dream projects come true. From roofing to fixing your front steps. We also do painting & staining, decks, landscaping, deck furniture, rustic log furniture, sheds, stone steps and walkways, piers & docks and much more. Call anytime for a free estimate and we'll get back to you within one business day.    

Piers & Docks


Local Businesses

We can build the pier that meets your needs. We also intstall and remove piers yearly. If you order a pier from us we'll remove the old pier for no extra charge.
From new construction to remodeling.
Discounts for local businesses, interior to exterior

Mercer businesses

Proud to help community

Like with all my jobs I'm somtimes asked to builda custom piece. Sometimes its from a magazine other times its in your mind. I'm willing to work with you to come up with whatever your think of. For example, a local bar in town wanted more seating without losing there pool table so I built a custom cover that turns it into a huge pub table great for partys and large groups. Or I was asked if i could make a display to take up less room. If you dream it, I surely can make it.